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Annyseed Cinematic Guided View on ComiXology-

March 14/2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Annyseed - the Blood of Another, issue 1, is now available in it's ultimate form, with new updated colours and tones, and a cinematic, 'guided view' to work on your phone or tablet. This version was especially put together for ComiXology and is available at ComiXology! I recommend this version to any fan of Annyseed who's got $0.99 to spare and wants to have the best possible version of Annyseed to keep for themselves.

Annyseed was designed to be digital and this is the best way to read it. Issue 2 will be coming soon, with brand new cover art!

2018 Deadlines -

Feb 13/2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Well, it took quite a bit of time to get moved in and everything and everyone settled into the new home and old town. But now things are back to normal, I have been able to plan the year and set myself some comic deadlines. So unless any unforseen events happen during 2018, things should run pretty smoothly and deadlines will be met.

Annyseed - Blood of Another - Webcomic

Will continue updates on this website Every Friday from here on in! (No more delays.)

Also, to celebrate 10 years of Annyseed, there will be Monthly Digital Releases of the whole story with Enhanced tone/colour, in 10 volumes, for my Patrons on Patreon! The First issue is on there now, and each issue will be released on the 23rd of Every Month as of March 2018!

Finally, a more Cinematic, 'Guided View' version of the first issue is currently being put together by Comixology. Which will probably be the ultimate way to experience the story. So I'm pretty excited about that. I'll update this space when I have a date!

Colour of Ivy - Patreon Updates

I've decided to start uploading Colour of Ivy on a Quarterly Schedule. It just isn't written to be a one page a week or bi-weekly read. It's designed to be read in chunks. So the dates for the next 3 uploads will be April 1st, July 1st, October 1st.

S J Brown's Complete Guide to Drawing Fantastical Females

I now have a weekly train journey where I'm free from distractions and responsibilities, so I'm dedicating this time to writing the guide, so finally this project is able to go ahead. To speed things up I will be releasing it in chapters over Patreon! Chapter 1 will be available on Patreon on the 1st June!

Annyseed 2 -Annyseed and the Hive of the Serpent King - Webcomic

Is currently stuck on page 42. As mentioned, this is a story that I'm not actually drawing myself. But by the fantastic Nivaldo Wesley please consider paying just $1 per month on Patreon to help us create more content for your reading pleasure!

Take care all!

Looking forward to a productive year, making lots of awesome comics!

Off we go Again! 8 Homes in 12 Years -

Nov 15/2017

The last few months have been pretty crazy. We were planning on moving back to Shropshire, to be closer to family, we thought that everyone would be a little happier closer together. My mum and Dad need us right now, and Paisley needs to be around as many people as possible. But my home town just wasn't right for my 'other' business. -(the one that actually makes money.) So, just when we decided to stay, our Landlord goes and makes the decision for us, and tells us that he's selling the property we're in. So whattaya know? We're moving again!

Together my wife and I have shared 8 homes in 5 different towns, and we've been married for 12 years, and if you asked me why, I really couldn't say. All I ever needed was one comfortable place to sit and work on my comics. Is that too much to ask? (Screwy Wise-Guy Face!)

So the short story is, -this has already stopped me working on Colour of Ivy for a few weeks, and it may get in the way of Annyseed updates. So you have been warned, I'm sorry.

The long story goes like this...

Home 1, May 2005, A student flat in Liverpool. Essentially our first home together for 1 month

Home 2, 2005-2006 We then stayed at my folks house for 10 months while we found our feet.

Home 3, 2006-2008 We moved from Shropshire to Kent. This may look like the cheapest place we ever lived in. But this 1 bedroom flat, was actually the same price per month as the 3 bedroom house that I'm sitting in right now. We moved out because it was being sold.

Home 4, 2008-2010 So many horrible memories here. This place was right above a cemetery, which was cool. But it was so damp and mouldy. We moved out because it was horrible and cramped.

Home 5, 2010-2013 After the really horrible experience of living in home 4 we decided to go all out and pay an extra £200 per month. It was still a 1 bedroom flat. However, felt luxurious in contrast. We moved out because we were expecting Paisley and wanted to move back to the Midlands.

Home 6, 2013-2015 Back to the Shire, we were moving up in the world. Hey, a house! And it was actually cheaper than the first shoddy flat. We moved out because our Landlord became bankrupt and wanted to move back in. (Not my cars btw, I can't drive.)

Home 7, 2015-2017 So this is where we are living at this very moment. It's in the West Midlands and it's where we've had the most bang for our buck. This large 3 bedroom house costs the same to rent as our first shoddy 1 bedroom flat! (Shock!) We are moving because... Well, read the top!

Home 8 ...And here's where we'll be living from December onwards. Right back to Oakengates, Paisley's original home. Please, please, please, let us stay for longer than a couple of years! We must have wasted £4,000 in home removal vans already.

Once again. I hate the way this gets in the way of comic work, but I'm afraid I'll have to unplug the computer at some point. Wish us luck!

New Art Gallery Section + Is my work sexist! - Oct 27/2017

A friend of mine took a look at my warrior woman on a llama picture the other day and asked me,

'Stu, why don't you draw us large ladies as warriors.'

I did answer her straight away, as I used to be her personal trainer, and reminded her of how she started getting stronger and losing weight each week.

You have to be strong to be a warrior, after all. Same goes for males, Conan the Barbarian is never out of shape, he wouldn't last long in the brutal Hyborian age if he had a low lean mass, and was 40% body fat. No matter what your body type, we all have the power to be fit, and that's a fact.

But all in all this question of hers stopped me in my tracks, it actually made me question who I was as a person, as a husband and father of a little girl. As a sensitive guy who gets teary eyed at certain songs, and does his best to help inspire others to do their best.

The question bothering me was not, 'Why do I not draw overweight warriors.' That was a given. But, 'Why do I draw women with their abdomens showing, and cleavage, and huge hips?' In fact why is the entire comic industry riddled with examples of women posing in very sexual poses? I remembered taking another female friend of mine into a comic shop in Liverpool, and she was so embarrassed by the way the women were drawn on the covers. Even after I pointed out that the men were all drawn as if they were on high doses of steroids and growth hormone, carb starved and on their last day of a cut before going into a bodybuilding show. - She said fair enough, but I could tell that she still thought it was wrong.

I looked through some of my comic pages. Do I draw women in suggestive poses? Sometimes, I guess yes, I do.

I asked my wife, do you think that some of my artwork is sexist? Se said you draw what you like, and remember that people have been making money off drawing naked butts though out history. - But that still wasn't enough.

I looked at other examples and found that there were many people upset about how the comic industry was so male dominant, (and was once considered something of a boys club.) But now more and more women read comics, although, they often like to go to indie publishers and webcomics to read. As male or female, they tend to draw more average proportioned women who wear more clothes. (Shit, I thought, well I'm sorry if I offend anyone.)

But, I always related to Spider-man as a character, even when I was out of shape.- It didn't bother me that he was in better shape than me, (or contorted his body in some of the weirdest ways possible/impossible.)

I know I have female readers, so I guess that they must overlook it, or even just not see it as a big deal. What strikes me as I dissect my own work is that most of my male characters also look quite feminine. In fact the most masculine character in Annyseed is a monster.

So again, why do I draw women so revealingly, and often so curvy?

Sex sells! Yes, but I'm not exactly drawing for money, I would go back to freelance if I wanted to do that.

You want your stories to be seen? Yes, but, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are the most successful franchises in history, and they didn't need cleavage.

So why then?

Well, being a man of science, I would put it down to millions of years of evolution. Women with strong hips could forage for food even when pregnant. Women naturally get fuller lips and thicker hair when pregnant too, as to keep the male from wandering off after the child has been conceived. The revealing stomach is there to remind the male where his offspring will be stored and nurtured for the next 9 months, and the breasts, well, they're for the kid too, obviously. -It's just nature.

I draw it because the primitive caveman inside of me is still there. It's in my genes as a heterosexual male. So I draw what I like.

Do I feel ashamed? No, it's who I am.

Funny thing is, the first artwork I ever fell in love with was on the side of a He-man toy box when I was 3 years old.

Artwork by Earl Norem

It was the work of Earl Norem, and he had a way of drawing men hyper masculine, and women hyper feminine. I don't really see this as sexist. More of a celebration of both qualities.

So are women just objects? No. Intellectually, aside from certain hormones and chemistry effecting perceptions, (similarly to alternative neurotypes,) they are the same as men. we are all Individuals.

Physically, of course women are different.

And what sort of world do I want my daughter to grow up in? One where she can be whatever she wants to be, without feeling ashamed. And the primitive caveman in me will protect her all the way.



I'm finally on Instagram! - Sep 18/2017

Fellow adventurers. I now have a decent enough mobile phone to connect to Instagram, seriously, my old one was so old it didn't even recognise how to connect to it... :S So be sure to Follow Mirrorwood Comics on there for exclusive behind the scenes photos!


Oh and be sure to show your support on You Tube, I'll be posting more vids in there too!


The more support I get the more comics I can make, my biggest appreciation goes out to everyone on here. :)

Plans to Push It Up a Notch- Sep 04/2017

Fellow adventurers. I thought I'd do a quick update on how things are. - Things are still up in smoke, and life is very unorganized right now. Saying that, however, I've doubled my efforts to make progress with the comics. So things are running a little smoother for Mirrorwood Comics than I imagined. Expect at least one new Annyseed every week, possibly on a Monday or Friday.

Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans- Aug 07/2017

Hey everybody! I'm just letting everyone know how things are right now. There have been delays with page uploads and although I'm over the moon now that I'm moving forward with Colour of Ivy. Things are going a little slower than I want them too. (at least they are going though.) Simply put, my dad has developed Dementia, my daughter has Autism, and my wife has social anxiety disorder. So work on Mirrorwood comics has to come fourth, unfortunately.

I've decided to move the family closer together, for everyones happiness, and terminate my current PT business, re-set things up again back in my hometown, Shrewsbury. So I'm going to be traveling between my parents and my house every week until we can all move closer to the hometown. I will take what work I can with me. But I feel this will probably slow production down a little more. We'll see how things go though. And I will continue to focus on making the best graphic novel I can possibly make. Wish me luck!

Apology- May 12/2017

Hi folks, I have an apology to make for the lack of continuity with Annyseed uploads. I sometimes fall behind with updating it, and it's become a little spuraddic. This is due to the demand of my work and fatherhood. Certain times of year I find I'm more freed up and less exhausted. But this is definitely not one of them. As always I will do my very best to keep pushing the pages on and working towards an awesome website full of entertainment.

Also if you're wondering, have I altered the colours in Colour of Ivy, the answer is yes. I decided that all the night time scenes needed a more moonlight feel so they have been altered a little. This is definitly the final versions though.

Colour of Ivy has begun on Patreon- Dec 21/2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the shortest day of the year, and Colour of Ivy has now begun!

My number one project and one that has spent the past 20 years with me in pre-production has just started. Join the adventure by supporting Mirrorwood Comics on Patreon, and you'll be in for a long magical ride! Read more about it Here!

Colour of Ivy Psychedelic Fantasy Graphic Novel!

New Mirrorwood Comics YouTube Channel- Dec 12/2016

A brand new Mirrorwood Comics YouTube Channel is now up. Which will be filling up with loads of vids on drawing and creating comics! Take a look Here!

...And don't forget to subscibe!


Mirrorwood Comics YouTube!

Colour of Ivy is Coming - this Winter Solstice- Oct 10/2016

Colour of Ivy, a project that I first began to put together way back in October 1996 is finally ready for the public. I've been re-writing and re-drawing and then re-writing again. 20 years of work has finally lead me to a happy place where I feel I can go forward with the telling of this giant fantasy story.

Join in reading it exclusively on Patreon, starting December 21st 2016. Just $1 per month minimum patronage to follow the adventure!

Read more here - Colour of Ivy

Colour of Ivy - Psychedelic Fantasy!

Old Comic, Evildweeb, is back up- Aug 30/2016

An old comic I did back when I was in my teens has been added to the Mirrorwood Archive this week.

Click Here to read!

It's not my greatest work. But I feel it deserves a place on here. It ends with a- To be continued... caption. There are actually over 100 pages of Evil Dweeb Inked. But only the ones on this site have been finished. Whether or not I return to them at a later date, is probably a no, but it's not out of the question.

I still haven't printed another batch of Annyseed Vol 1, but I will sort something out for those that want a copy. :)

Thirdly I would like to apologise for not always posting pages up on time. Right now I am juggling time with my PT business and wife and daughter. I'm going through the busy years of my life, I think.

Mirrorwood News - April 16/2016

Well, to make up for the lack of printed copies of Annyseed, I've decided to add a couple of Annyseed T-shirts to my Red Bubble Shop, enjoy!

MirrorwoodComicsT AnnyseedT


Mirrorwood News - Febuary 20/2016

Unfortunately all 10 copies of the book are now sold and are either with or shipping to their new owners. However I will sort out a little pre-order button for a further run somewhere down the line. Keep watching to stay posted!

Mirrorwood News - January 09/2016

Annyseed Blood of Another Volume 1 has arrived!

Just the other day I received 10 copies of Annyseed - Blood of Another Volume 1, which compiles the first 105 pages of the story. It's nice to see it printed up as a paperback. I've only ordered 10 copies though, so I'm keeping one, and giving a few out to friends and family. But if you'd like a copy for yourself, please do not hesitate to order yours today with the button below. I shall send them out on a first come, first serve basis, and everyone who orders will receive a signed copy in the post, along with a bonus phone charm set. All for $22.99 Including free shipping!



Mirrorwood News - December 05/2015

The Shape of Things to come.

Hey everybody, I'd like to keep these news feeds semi-regular, so perhaps every half year is fitting?

There's been a lot on my mind lately. I have so many stories waiting to be turned into comics that sometimes I wonder how I'm ever going to get them all done... Enter my anxiety and frustration.

I decided that if I write a little something in here about what's in the pipeline it should cover both jobs of releasing me from some of my anxiety and hopefully get you excited about my plans for the future of Mirrorwood Comics. So here goes!

1: Annyseed - the Blood of Another - Volume 1 Paperback.

Firstly, Annyseed - the Blood of Another, is almost complete, and soon, I'll be making a paperback version of Volume 1 available on the website in January, which will feature pages 1 to 105, cool inlay artwork, and a new cover.

It'll only be a small print on demand job, so no barcode or ISBN, just something for friends, family and fans.

Annyseed - the Blood of Another - Volume 1 Paperback

2: Annyseed's Sequel is currently under production.

That's right, Annyseed - and the Hive of the Serpent King is slowly moving forward. It'll be scripted and coloured by myself, S.J.Brown, Penciled by fantastic artist Nivaldo Wesley, and Inked by the pixel perfect hand of Cole Brustad. I'm paying the guy's partially out of my own pocket and partly with funds raised from your loving donations. Thanks for all your support!

Annyseed 2 Concept ArtAnnyseed 2 PencilsAnnyseed 2 Inks


3: The Biggest Project I Will Ever Do.

Despite my plans to put together 4 Annyseed titles; once I've finished Annyseed 1, I'm going to focus my creative skills on my main project, Colour of Ivy.

As much as I would love to keep drawing Annyseed, not much bar the writing will be done by myself after the first two stories.

You see, there's some life long anxiety gnawing at huge chunk of my soul, and it will not grant me contentment until I have completed my 700 page epic.

I've been building the world of Colour of Ivy for the past 20 years, and there comes a point when you just want to do something from the heart, for yourself. So whatever it is that's been putting me off doing it all these years seems to have been replaced with, yep, you guessed it, more anxiety. - Something about having a little girl and seeing her grow up so fast makes you realise your own mortality I guess.

It's time to get to work!

Colour of Ivy Stuart J Brown Cover PreviewColour of Ivy Stuart J Brown 1 PreviewColour of Ivy Stuart J Brown 2 PreviewColour of Ivy Stuart J Brown 6 PreviewColour of Ivy Stuart J Brown 8 Preview

To keep up to date with any of my projects, just watch this space!


Mirrorwood News - July 13/2015

An apology and a story.

A new website for a fresh start.

Firstly thanks to all you readers who have not forgotten Annyseed, you've stuck by it and waited for signs of life for so long it's unbelievable. Please accept my sincere apologies for such a long wait. It's been a rough ride trying to get things set so that I can continue. For those of you new to Annyseed, the webcomic has been out of commission since August 2013.

Please read ahead if you'd like to know why.- It all started when my wife and I had a baby girl, Paisley. During the pregnancy we moved house... Then our landlady became bankrupt and we had to move for a second time. On top of this I had been spending roughly 80 hours a week away from home, building up a business to support the family; this left little to no time for anything else. Fortunately, when it came to the second relocation, I managed to move us just 8 minutes away from where I've been running my business, (as apposed to 26 miles away such as our circumstances were after the first move.) knocking down my travel time significantly, and giving me an extra 2236 hours per year.

So what's happening with Annyseed now?

Now, instead of returning to Annyseed right where I left it, I've decided to give it an overhaul and re-start the whole thing, right back from the beginning. I feel like I need this in order for it to feel fresh again, and to get us all back into the story. (2 years is a long time to put down a book.)

And why the new Website?

The same reason.- Life is far too complicated to add even more complication to it. I wanted the website to be straight to the point. No rubbish, just a place to read comics.

I've started things up with the first 3 pages, and will be updating it every Friday from here on in.

So what are the noticeable changes?

Totally new website with the company name, and straight forward layout, so that there is more focus on the comic.

Larger pages. The pages are virtually twice the size now, so that more detail can been seen and the reading experience can be more immersive.

Lighter contrast in the artwork, so that the artwork looks more crisp.

Re-draws on panels I'm unhappy with.

Also, the only change I've made that might not get 100% approval, is taking out the red highlights. I've done this because of the lighter contrast. I didn't want the red to take over the pages and I didn't want it lighter because it turned from red to pink. So instead, I've taken it right out.

And what do you have planned for the future of Mirrorwood comics?

I'm currently finishing off Annyseed 1, I've also hired two brilliant artists to work on Annyseed 2 which will be on here right after, and then there's a further two Annyseed stories in the pipeline. There are also a number of other projects in the works. Including my raison d'être, Colour of Ivy.
So things are really looking up from here on in.
Enjoy the new website and the re-mastered comic!


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