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A touch of Horror and High School Drama, which later found it's way into it's successor, Annyseed, 'Annyseed-Evildweeb'

Evildweeb is an old comic that I put together back in my teens.
Before this I did hundreds of mini comics, the likes of which will
probably never be seen by public eyes because they were, to put it bluntly, badly done.
This one, however, and the one before it, 'X-ers' were ok.

I actually sent the first few pages of, 'X-ers' out to comic artist Terry Moore, who, that same year, had just recieved an Eisner award for his comic, 'Strangers in Paradise'. He kindly responded to an eager 16 year old me, telling me that he thought it was cool, and I should seek out publishers, rather than fellow artists, lol, I wonder if he remembers that?

However, his approval was enough for me. I did the opposite and decided to do the standard thing of seeking an appropriate course at a University. Times were changing, the internet was becoming mainstream and digital art was coming in. The comic industry totally changed. I couldn't find an appropriate course in the U.K, but I learned what I needed from the two that I went on. I studied Computer animation, then Multi-media Art. Finally getting my degree in the latter in 2005.

Evildweeb was pencilled and inked back in 1998, originally there were over 100 pages,
but eventually the project was abandoned, as I felt it's formular was already exhausted after the first four or five stories.

I also started feeling sorry for the main character half way through, and began to turn the jokes back on Biff the antagonist.
This possibly made it more comical in some ways, but caused it to lose it's original bite.

If anything, Evildweeb was an exercise in short story writing, pacing, blocking and layout.

Colour/BW tone was added to the first 36 pages back in the early 2000's to finally wrap it up.
It's doubtful I'll go back to colour the other 70 pages.


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