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Colour of Ivy

Colour of Ivy in short, is a Psychedelic Sword and Sorcery Adventure.

I've actually been working on it since late 1996, and it's journey into materialization is a long one.

I don't want to bore you, so in short.-

1996-1997 - Sketches and ideas started taking shape.

1998 - I made a first attempt at a comic, but to be honest, it was quite poor and didn't live up to the grandiose experience that I had in mind. A friend of mine actually said the characters looked like muppets.

1999-2006 - I wrote it out in prose form.

2006-2008 - Started doing concept art and making small animations of some of the scenes.

2008-2012 - Took a break from it and decided to work on something a little more light hearted. 'Annyseed.'

2013 - Our daughter, Paisley was born and I set up another business to pay the bills.

2014 - During some long train commuting, I began to script the graphic novel version.

2016 - Feeling that I had gathered up the skills I needed to finally make the graphic novel, and have it look exactly how I envisioned it all those years ago;- I began to drawing it.

It's amazing how much a relief it is to actually be getting on with something that you've been holding back on for such a long time. Colour of Ivy is first and foremost to entertain myself. (I've covered all the things that I look forward to in a story.)
I'm working on it at my own pace too, (quality over quantity is paramount), and I plan on all 700 pages to be one large printed volume.

However, I've made it available on Patreon for all patrons who'd like to read it as it happens.

Here on you can see the thumbnails and highlights as it progresses, so you can see it coming along without following the story.


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