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Annyseed - the Blood of Another.

Annyseed is a mildly comical Fantasy Adventure/High School Drama, filled with mythical creatures and monsters.

Despite debuting before, 'Colour of Ivy,' Annyseed was actually written and conceived 11 years later in 2008.

I had originally conceptualized a quirky
vampire girl who found drinking human blood disgusting back in 2005. The design was very different to the Annyseed we see now however, which came about very quickly.

Annyseed was initially published up until 2013, with a sepia, red and white finish, but was put on hiatus due to the birth of my daughter, Paisley.

In 2015 Annyseed came back with this new website to launch it off, with a black and white cleaned up look.

I'm doing my best to keep it updating on Friday's, but it doesn't always go
that way due to other commitments.

I have 3 sequels to 'Annyseed blood of Another' planned for the future.


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